1)      Do you have a showroom / shop?
A.       Yes, we do! Our shop is located at E2-03-02, Block E2, Level 3, Sunway Geo Avenue, Jalan Lagoon Selatan, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.


2)      What are the operating hours of Tech Armory?
A.       We are open every Monday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm and closed every Sunday as well as Public Holidays. Follow our Facebook page for the latest updates on our operating hours


3)      How do I contact Tech Armory?
A.       You can contact us via:

        i.      Phone: 03-67347962 (during operating hours)

        ii.     Whatsapp: +6017-2891355

        iii.    FB Messenger @

        iv.    Website Chat @ (we will respond as soon as we are online, even outside operating hours)

        v.     Email @


4)      How do I claim warranty for my Commandos laptops / desktop?
A.       Always keep a copy of your purchase receipt, either in hardcopy or softcopy form. During the warranty period, you can just contact us, visit the nearest service center or walk into our shop for assistance
B.       For system-related error, we will assist you remotely.


5)      If I am unable to walk in for warranty claims, are there other places I can go to?
A.      Yes, we have appointed Highpoint Service Network in Malaysia as our Service Collection Points for Commandos laptops. You may refer to the full list of service centers here: Check here
B.      If you are out of reach of any service point, you may ship back the item to us for warranty claims or repair. We will send you guidelines for proper packing of the laptop / desktop to proceed further.


6)      Are there any add-on purchases for warranty extensions?
A.       Warranty Extension can be purchased with the add-on price listed for selected products. It can only be added on during the process of a new purchase. It cannot be purchased after.


7)      What is the difference between “Carry-In Warranty” and “Onsite Pick Up Return Warranty”?
A.      Carry-In Warranty” refers to sending the laptop / desktop to the nearest appointed Service Point and collecting the laptop / desktop yourself once the repair process has been completed.
B.       Onsite Pick Up Return Warranty” is an add-on service available within Malaysia. During the warranty period, we will arrange for a courier to pick up the laptop / desktop from you and return it to you once the repair process has been completed.


8)      What does the warranty cover?
A.       In general, warranty covers hardware manufacturer defects / failure. Cosmetic defects such as scratches and consumer-induced-damage (CID) such as screen cracks, hinge cracks, and water spillage are not covered by the warranty. Wear and tear of consumable parts such as battery and power adapter with power cord have limited warranty coverage.
B.       Unless specified, below are our guidelines on screen dead-pixel policy:

        i.       Bright pixel defect: A subpixel remains permanently lit resulting in a white, or colored dot on a black background. Bright pixels can be white, red, blue, or green and can be identified on a black background.

        ii.      Dark or dead pixel defect: A subpixel remains permanently unlit, resulting in a black dot on a white background. Dead pixels can be identified on any background color except for a black background.

        iii.     Screen replacement will be honored under warranty if one of the following conditions are met:
.       There are 3 or more bright pixels
.       There are 6 or more dark / dead pixels
3.       There are combined number of 6 or more bright and dark / dead subpixels

** You may refer to the detailed Warranty terms and conditions under the “Warranty” Tab, HERE


9)      If the warranty period for my Commandos laptop / desktop has expired, can I still send it in for repair or maintenance?
A.      Yes, you can. However, there will be a service charge that is applicable for any diagnosis / maintenance service calculated based on man-hours. We will be offering a special rate for it.
B.      Repair fees will be quoted beforehand, so you still have the choice of proceeding with the process. ????


10)   Will the warranty be voided if I disassemble my Commandos laptop / desktop to upgrade components or self-maintenance?
A.      Self-maintenance and upgrading of parts such as RAM and storage is allowed under the condition that there will be no damage to the mainboard and other components in the process.
B.      For upgrades of specific parts, you will need to send it back to us. This includes:

            i.       Processor upgrade for Commandos Glock series laptops

            ii.      Screen upgrade for all Commandos laptops


11)   What payment methods are available at Tech Armory?

       In general, we accept the following payment methods:

          i.      Cash (*with cash rebate for applicable products)

          ii.     Cash Deposit / Bank ATM Transfer to our company account (*with cash rebate for applicable products, but a copy of the deposit slip is required for verification)

          iii.    Online Bank Transfer to our company account (*with cash rebate for applicable products, but a copy of the transfer slip is required for verification)

          iv.    Online Check Out via website – credit card / debit card / FPX (* subjected to verification)

          v.     In-Store Credit Card Payment (Master, VISA, AMEX, UnionPay)

          vi.    Credit Card Installment (*subjected to interest rate unless specified)
1.       In-Store: Maybank (12 or 24 Months) / CIMB (12 Months)                    
2.       Online via our Shopee Store: Maybank / Public Bank (6 or 12 months)

          vii.   Non-Credit Card Installment via AEON Ezy Payment (*need apply to AEON and subjected to approval)

          viii.  Paypal (*subjected to payment charges and verification)


12)   How long does it take to complete a laptop / desktop order?
A.       For all customized laptop / desktop orders (upon payment confirmation), it takes 2 to 3 working days to assemble the components and complete the stress tests for system stability. If the stock for specific components are not available, we will advise the lead time accordingly.
B.       For “Pre-Order” items, we will advise the lead time accordingly prior to order placement.


13)   What delivery options are available at Tech Armory?
A.       Self-Collection at our shop
B.       Courier by GDEX
      Special Request by Personal Delivery (within Klang Valley)

14)  Do we need to pay for the delivery fee?
 A.     Yes, delivery fee is applicable to all orders unless specifi 

15)    Is it safe to deliver a laptop / desktop via a courier. 

       A.       We use a reliable courier service provider for the delivery. Prior to delivery, we will ensure that the product is well-protected with foam / bubble wrap / protective layers and properly sealed.
B.       If you are worried about potential accidents, there is an optional add-on insurance coverage offered by the courier service provider which costs 2% of the total invoice amount.

16)      How do I know if my order is ready for collection / delivery?
A.       Our friendly staff will contact you as soon as the order is ready.
B.       For delivery items, a tracking number will be provided once the item has been shipped.
C.       For special delivery arrangement, appointments will be made prior to delivery.


17)      How does the 5% Student Rebate program work for Commandos laptops?
A.       To enjoy the 5% student rebate, we will need a copy of your Student ID complete with details including name, expiry date, and name of university / school along with a copy of your crossed IC for identity verification purpose. The Student ID must still be valid to qualify for the rebate.
B.     Each student can only use the Student Rebate for once in a lifetime.
C.     Student can be referred to any person studying in secondary school/college/university/master/PhD 

  1. 18)      Can I combine the Student Rebate with other rebates being offered at Tech Armory?
    A.       Unfortunately, the rebate programs are standalone and cannot be combined


    19)      What does “Tech Armory Select” or “Tech Armory Default” mean in the component selection list?
    A.    With our boss’s meticulous testing procedure of all components prior to installation in the laptop / desktop, we can guarantee you the best value and stable performance for your order. Our boss’s selection will still include branded items. Furthermore, we will also be offering upgrade options to BIG BRAND components for further enhanced performance. ????


    20)      What is the Refund / Return Policy?
    A.       In general, we do not allow refunds after an order is confirmed / delivered, especially special orders. The only exceptions to that are if:

                                                       i.      We are not able to deliver the order within the agreed time frame

                                                     ii.      The laptop / desktop encounters severe hardware failure within 7 days of purchase, in which the problem cannot be fixed, or the product cannot be replaced in time.


    21)      Can I trade in my old Commandos laptop to upgrade to a more powerful Commandos laptop?
    A.       We do not offer direct trade-in. However, we can help to advise you on the market value and list your laptop in our social media platforms if you purchase a new laptop from us. In any case, the final decision will still be yours to make. 


    22)      Are there any special membership benefits when I register on the Tech Armory website?

    a.       We will update our membership benefits from time to time. Stay tuned for further details! 

    Last update 3 June 2020

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